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Amazing Blueberry Dessert

When I commit, I commit hard.  So when I was asked to join a Bunko group in our neighborhood, and was told that " have to come.  No excuses.  We rely on all 12 members coming every month..." etc. etc.  Well...she didn't know who she was talking to.  I am a dedicated person.  If I… Continue reading Amazing Blueberry Dessert

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Quick and Healthy After School Treat

I don't know about you but some days my body just does NOT feel good!!!  Hubbie's first question is, "Have you worked out?"  Ok, no.  I haven't.  I've been SLAVING OVER MY HOUSE AND SICK CHILDREN AND THEIR SCHEDULES AND NEEDS AND TOTALLY IGNORING MY OWN, OK?!!!!! I don't yell.  Only in type. 🙂  But… Continue reading Quick and Healthy After School Treat

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Will You Be Mine—-Craft? A 2019 Valentine Card.

SO...I am a girlie girlie GIRLIE girl!!!! Head to toe, in and out, through and through. But then on May 2nd, 2009... this girlie girl birthed herself a BABY BOY!!! And this baby boy 👦🏼 was truly, ALL BOY! Head to toe, in and out, through and through. Ball was his first word. A golf… Continue reading Will You Be Mine—-Craft? A 2019 Valentine Card.


Sundown Sipper, another yummy cocktail.

Hey hey hey!!!!  Everyone gearing up for Valentine's day?!  Oh you know you've been shopping for the perfect pink outfit, sampling chocolates to decide which to serve and sipping on some tasty bubbly all month month long! 🙂 I have done NOTHING!  Ok, maybe I bought some cards for my kids and hubby but that… Continue reading Sundown Sipper, another yummy cocktail.


It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!

It's Saturday night, before Thanksgiving and we are home.  The day was filled with shopping at the Plunky Maidens Christmas Marketplace, lots of odds and ends errand running and de-cluttering of the house.  As the craziness subsides, I decided to shake up a cocktail for my husband and I before dinner. This week, I had… Continue reading It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!