I’m in trouble!

Does this look familiar?  PLEASE say it does because then I wouldn't feel so alone in this crazy month of December!!!!  Where to start?  What collection to put out first?  Why oh WHY do I have so many decorations????!!!!!! This time of year I have so much on my plate that I don't even know… Continue reading I’m in trouble!


Power Pancakes!

OK, is anyone else out there feeling like a STUFFED BIRD?!!!  I ate so well and drank-a-PLENTY last week while celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.  So much so that this week, I am on a mission to get back on a routine, focusing on eating healthy again and share some of my favorite "starts-to-my-day" with… Continue reading Power Pancakes!


Manos Turkey-day Cocktail

Cheers and Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!  Well, it wouldn't be a celebration with out a Manos signature cocktail. 🙂  With much research (Thank you Pinterest!), I purchased ingredients for two options and settled on this little concoction, a Mixed Berry Sangria.  Inspired by this Black Sangria which fulfilled all my requirements: 1. it could be… Continue reading Manos Turkey-day Cocktail