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Bulletin Board Day

Ok, so, I have to laugh at myself.  Last year was my first year on the Art Lit committee at our school.  Our team of 4 parents teach 6 lessons on famous artists to the student body.  My part of the team was to come up with the step-by-step production that the kids create and then design and execute the bulletin board. At the end of the year district meeting, we submit pictures of our bulletin boards for prizes and unfortunately, none of ours won.  No biggie.  (Josh would disagree, “We were robbed!”)  But seriously.  No biggie.

But…(here it comes)…this year, for SOME REASON the bulletin board ideas are getting OUT OF CONTROL!!!  The first artist was Faith Ringgold, the inventor of the story quilt.  So what would make a good bulletin board?  I know!  Do as Faith did and make an actual story quilt, based on our memories made last school year!  Yes!

Faith Ringgold Story Quilt

Painted on an old tablecloth, those are kids from our school and the accomplishments they had last year.  Oh, and that fine lady in the middle of the picture is Faith herself reading her book, Tar Beach.

But that is not why I am writing today. Today I am writing to you because in a few minutes, our Art Lit team is coming over to paper mache! That’s right! 4 grown adults are first gonna munch down on those tacos (Pork Tacos) I shared with you yesterday and then go at it with some flour, water, dash of salt and a 4′ balloon.  Stay tuned to see what this turns into and who this mystery next artist could possibly be…

Oh the details!

xo, Melissa

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