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A Love for Vintage


Have you ever met someone and from day one you knew you would be friends?  Last year I met an amazing woman.  I liked her from the start but I didn’t know how much I would like her until she mentioned she was going to a vintage show at the fairgrounds in Washington.  A girl who loved antiques AND would travel deep into Washington just to see what treasures she could find at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning?!  A girl after my own heart!

We both walked away with some treasures that day but we walked away with something even more precious: a new bond over the love of antiques.

This week, I received an SOS text.  “Manos!  Can you help me?!!!”  She has a gorgeous antique piece (that’s that lovely intro picture) in the foyer of her beautiful old home in the NW hills.  After hiring a calligraphy artist to write a chalkboard message on this piece, she was not pleased with how it turned out.  “Besides the fact that our last name was spelled wrong (oops!), it doesn’t look vintage enough!”  Oh again, this girls is tickling my heartstrings!

We sketched out an idea of what she wants, sans serif or serif font?  size?  chalk or pen?  and in the next week or so, we’ll see if she likes it!!!

Details to come!

xo, Melissa

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