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Turkey Traditions


Thanksgiving is almost here.  Can you believe it?!  Turkey, stuffing, gravy.  Relatives, friends, black Friday.  Do y’all have big plans and traditions to recreate?

Two years ago, we started a new tradition, and tried out a new location for our turkey dinner: Sunriver, OR.   It’s kind of an “in-between” destination for all the relatives. My husband’s side of the family and my immediate family (Me, hubbie, 2 kids and the furry first child of the dog sort) have about a 3.5 hour drive from Portland and my California family can drive up from the bay in about 8 hours.  Though our home in Sunriver is a condominium, we have the perfect kitchen to be able to extend a REEAAALLLLYYY long table.  I think we had 15 people at that table 2 years ago for Thanksgiving.

Traveling for a holiday for which you are going to host is not easy.  It takes some planning.  In my office I keep big clear bins where I start the process of “What do I need to bring?”  So far in that bin I have 2 creamy-gold tablecloths and THAT’S IT!  I better start collecting!  By pulling up this photo from 2 years ago, I think I’ll throw in my gold candlesticks, gold chargers, white candles, cloth napkins and all the pumpkins I can gather left over from my Halloween decorating.  It also looks like I brought Grandma’s silverware…that’s good thinkin’…I better put that box in the clear bin too!

One other tradition we will be “checking off the list” next weekend is visiting with Santa!!!! I’m so thankful and excited to get to meet the jolly guy at the Sunriver Lodge on Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We have reservations for 11 people: 3 kids, and 8 escorting adults that wouldn’t dare miss out on the fun of breakfast with Santa.  We’ve never visited THIS Santa.  We have had a LOOOONNNG history with the Santa at Valley Fair Mall (now Westfield Shopping Center) in Santa Clara, CA but long story short…and a VERY upset mama…found out 2 years ago…the HARD WAY…that he is no longer there.  I hope to share another post about that situation closer into December.  But oh my my…let’s just say I am glad my kids are a bit older.

Well, I hope y’all have BIG PLANS to celebrate with all your loved ones.  May it be a day to truly be thankful for all the good in your lives.

For now, I am off to stuff that bin with more Thanksgiving decor!

xo, Melissa

3 thoughts on “Turkey Traditions

  1. How fun! I love your Sunriver condo…what a perfect place to gather. We always stay in Portland for Thanksgiving and have hosted some of Ryan’s cousins who have moved to the Pacific Northwest the past couple of years. This year my parents will be visiting, so we will have a good time cooking and getting festive with them!! Have fun and tell your family hello!!

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