Holiday Lights at Mimi & Papa’s

Happy holiday break, y'all!  How's it been?!!! We have traveled, ate a LOT, walked a LOT, shopped a LOT and are now about to bring in the new year. I just can't believe it.  Time...slow down!!! Every other year we are in California for Christmas.  My parents live in a little town called Willow Glen,… Continue reading Holiday Lights at Mimi & Papa’s


Elfie is SOOOO CRAZY this year!

Anyone else have an Elf on the Shelf?  Oh my, the search is REAL each morning!  High, low, in food, wrapped in ribbon.  This little guy has been all over the house causing creative mischief.  Oh and the giggles that ensue.  It's so soooo worth it to be up early every morning watching the mad… Continue reading Elfie is SOOOO CRAZY this year!


Wrapping 101: inspiration can come from ANYWHERE!

OK, so the Monroe girls (me, my sister and my mom) have a serious problem.  We are a lliiiiitttttllllleee over the top when it comes to wrapping our Christmas gifts.  First, we come up with a theme. Yes.  Seriously.  No joke.  Every year, all our presents coordinate.  NO, not with each others (man, that would… Continue reading Wrapping 101: inspiration can come from ANYWHERE!