So…I said I was going to keep this year light, with the Christmas decorations, right?  And I have (kind of…or at least by Manos standards).  I started in the front room.

The concept came from the antlers.  How oh how did a girl from Cali end up marrying a hunter?!  Well…she went to school in Oregon, met a boy who drove an old Chevy pick up, and fell in love with his beautiful smile, that’s how. 🙂  Yep, I’m a sucker for a beautiful smile, that’s for sure.  And so the love story began, with the man and a new love for antlers.


A few years back, my hubby came home with an elk.  The only problem, the darn elk must have gotten in a tough brawl and only had one side of his antlers.  I usually display his half antler over my dining room hutch but I thought I would use it this year to hang my stockings on.  The only problem…my stockings didn’t really ‘go’ in this setting.  Normally I add a LOT of red to my home during the holiday season but when I put up my traditional, houndstooth wool stockings, they just didn’t go with the outdoor, natural elements I had going on this year on my mantel.  So what’s a girl to do???!!!  I’ll tell ya.  She gets in her mommy mobile and drives down to Target to find these adorable fur stockings for only $13 each, that’s what! 🙂  Aren’t they darling?!

stockings2017I’ll reveal the whole room tomorrow after I get a few presents wrapped on my to do list!

Happy decorating, y’all!

xo, Melissa

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