The Perfect Christmas Dessert


Hey Ho!  Christmas is just around the corner people.  Can you believe it?  Presents are purchased and dinner plans are a-brewing.  Last week I went to our annual Christmas bunko night.  It’s a fun and festive evening with neighborhood ladies that have been gathering for TWENTY YEARS!  Isn’t that amazing and so special?!  I feel so privileged to be a part of this legacy.

The table is filled with everyone’s best side dishes and our gracious host serves up the main course.  My mom has always been the one to bring the most amazing desserts to our family gatherings.  I am following in her footsteps and am now known at our bunko group as the ‘dessert lady’.  I often whip up one of our favorite family recipes but also try some new tasty treats at our monthly meetings.  This Christmas bunko night, I made one of my mom’s classics: Peppermint Ice Cream Pie.


It’s simple, easy and can be made ahead of time which are all PLUSES at this time of year!!!  Slice that puppy up with a large warmed knife (I run hot water over the blade to help cut smoothly thru the layers), drizzle some chocolate sauce on top and serve.  You have a pretty, tasty, showstopper meringue-topped dessert.


Try it out for your Christmas Dinner…you can even make it NOW–one week before you need it!  Just wrap it up and stick it in the freezer till December 25th.  How great will that feel to have another “to do” checked off your list?

peppermint pie recipe

Happy baking, y’all!

xo, Melissa

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