Getting healthy starts with breakfast!

IMG_3481 (2)Anyone on the heath-kick new year?!!!  Me too!  Well not totally.  I always see January 1 as a way to start FRESH!  No mom, I am not doing the Whole Life Challenge again. (She said she’d disown me if I did it again!  Not really…but she said when I was participating in the WLC, “…that’s all you talked about!”).

Ok, so I am not doing the challenge, but I MAY mention it…a few times…here and there.

One thing I have always loved that was encouraged on the challenge is breakfast!  I LOVE breakfast!  Hands down my favorite meal of the day!  Growing up, every morning, I’d wake up and head directly to the cereal cabinet.  I basically couldn’t function until I had some food in my belly.  Like demon-child, evil eyes, pissy at the world cranky!  At the time, I didn’t even know that having breakfast was an excellent way to jump-start your metabolism for the day. And no, I wasn’t grabbing the Cocoa Puffs or Lucky Charms.  (I WISHED we had those in our pantry.)  My mom always had low sugar choices and the older we got, there were more whole grain choices as well.  Still to this day, multi-grain Cheerios are still one of my favs!

Now-a-days, a staple in our family is a good, ol’ fashion bowl of oatmeal.  It’s so easy to make and each bowl can be unique and different, based on what your mood is for that day (or whatever is in your pantry). This week, we are spending some time at our place in Sunriver, Oregon and there’s nothin’ like having a warm bowl of oatmeal when there is ice on your car and you are heading to the mountain to go skiing.

IMG_3483 (2)

MOUNTAIN OATMEAL starts with just some simple ingredients you have in your pantry: old fashioned oats, maple syrup, fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts.

IMG_3484 (2)

Cook up some of those tasty oats by adding water and microwaving on high for 2 minutes per serving.  Super simple, super easy.  When it comes out, I add a little coconut almond milk to make it creamy and yummy!

IMG_3486 (2)

Add your favorite sweetener.  My kids and I like adding 100% pure maple syrup.  We sometimes change it up and use honey or I recently discovered coconut sugar which is super tasty!

IMG_3480 (2)

Top with your favorite ingredients!  I like the freshness of chopped pears or blueberries, combined with the chewiness of a dried fruit such as apricots, golden raisins or dried cranberries, then finished off with a sprinkling of your favorite chopped nut (almonds, pecans or even toasted walnuts are super tasty).

IMG_3488 (2)

And VOILA!  You have yourself a hearty breakfast filled with all the goodness our earth  has to offer! 🙂

Ah man!  Who’s HUNGRY?!!!!


xo, Melis

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