Chaos In the New Year


Well, we are back in full swing from the glorious winter break!  Did you make any New Year resolutions?!  I have to say that I don’t make them.  I have always been a girl who does what she says and I have never felt good about setting a goal on New Year’s day.  It’s hard to always successful when making a decision while sipping your 4th adult beverage ;).  I personally have to be set to make that change and Jan. 1 is not always the day that my mind and body are ready to make a drastic change.

Clean, Fresh & New

As of January 1, I do, however automatically feel this overpowering urge to get CLEAN, get FRESH, start NEW!  And with that brings some craziness to our household!  To tell you the truth, my house hasn’t been in such disarray since…since…gosh, maybe when we moved to this house 9 years ago?! But even then it was more organized because the mess was in the boxes until you emptied it.  Right now, there are no boxes, only STUFF!  Stuff EVERYWHERE!!! There are tables in hallway, books in piles, book shelves with stuff still on them in the hallway, mattresses in the middle of rooms, clothes from winter break EVERYWHERE–clean clothes mostly (thank goodness…)–that need to be put away.


Our New Purchase

What caused all this chaos, you ask?  Well, we got a new bed from OneKingsLane.com.  A king size bed for my massive husband.  (Total joking.  He is not massive by any means.  Quite compact, actually 🙂! )  He wanted a new mattress for his bad back (He had back surgery last summer) and he figured if we were going to get a new mattress, well, then why not get a new bed?  And since we were getting a new bed, we might as well go bigger!  Totally makes sense, right?! Oiy.

My Daughter’s Room

So, began the ping-pong effect.  By purchasing the new king-size bed meant we needed to move our old bed, a queen size bed my dad made for me when I graduated from college, into my daughter’s room.  Then, the question of what to do with her bed?  Well, first my son was going to take it, but then he changed his mind. (Not sure why.  Maybe because there green stars drawn on it from his sister? *sigh*  Why do kids draw on furniture??!!!   We can easily remove and repaint, so this should not be a reason.  Gosh, I don’t know.  He’s 8 and a boy to which nothing makes sense.)  Anyhow,  this bed too was handmade by my father, and if my son isn’t going to have it, we can pass it down to my nephew for when he is ready for a big boy bed! (He just turned 1.  He has a little while or two till he needs it and we have to figure out how to get it to California! 🙂 A whole other dilemma. )

This 2018 New Year brought on ideas of FRESH and NEW and CLEAN and yay!  We have the first two!  But…I better get off the computer and get to the CLEAN part so I can get moving on designing these room to share with all of you!

xo in 2018, Melissa



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