Frozen Party

Does your little one LOVE Frozen, the movie?!!!

With all this snow in Portland, I thought I’d share my daughter’s FROZEN birthday party from a few years ago.  If I asked my daughter today, she would say this was “soooo 3 years ago” but looking back, it was such a fun party to pull together.

Party Details

In our foyer, we added lots of details to set the mood!  Jillian and I had made over-sized paper snowflakes that we hung from fishing wire strung across the banister on the second floor.  We also cut icicle trim to hang from the doorway into the kitchen.  So easy.  We used white butcher paper we had from the Ikea art easel.  The turquoise poof is her tutu from the talent show that I just put over the lampshade! Renew Reuse Recycle!  Finally, we hung vintage framed portraits on the walls, just like you would see in Anna and Elsa’s castle.  Even Lucy-dog in her furry white coat was getting into the party. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.46.11 PM


Activity 1: Pin the Carrot Nose on Olof

Olof was there to greet the party guests.  He was a prop for that talent show performance I mentioned earlier.  To make him, I had an over-sized print made of his body at Office Depot, then mounted it to foam core, sandwiched with thick Styrofoam in-between the front and back pieces to create a channel in the center of his body so he could slide onto the base stand I found at a fixtures shop.  For arms, I cut some real branches from our yard and stuck them into the foam on his sides.  I also added 3 shorter sticks coming out of his head for his hair and Voila!  Olof was born!  His nose and eyes are made of Styrofoam too! (Half domes for the eyes and a cone for the nose that I carved with a kitchen knife to add ‘carrot-like’ texture).  Don’t you just want to give him a warm hug?! 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.46.14 PM

After everyone arrived, the girls played Pin The Nose On Olof!  Some got really close (Hmmmm, could they see thru the napkin?! *eyebrow raised*)


Activity 2: Monogram Watercolor Snowflakes

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.46.49 PM

Each girl created their first or last initial in painter’s tape.  Next, they painted doilies with a choice of three different blue diluted water-based paint.  Last step was to sprinkle salt on the wet art.  A little table salt sprinkled on damp watercolor paint creates a snowflake-like texture. Each crystal of salt creates a chemical reaction where it pushed away the pigment.  The results create a burst of white.  It’s really cool. (Ha! Cool, get it?! 😉 )  Definitely try this with your kids.  Such fun mysterious results.  Mysterious because the texture doesn’t show up until the piece has dried.  Once it dries, brush off the dried salt and you have your final art piece.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.46.53 PM

Activity 3: Let’s Eat!

Jillian and I really had fun naming all the snacks in the buffet. 🙂  Uberly cheesy but so fun!  The giggles from the girls while serving themselves up was so intoxicating.


Activity : Frozen Karaoke!

I didn’t get any pictures of the girls singing, but my parents, Jillian’s Mimi and Papa, gave her a karaoke stand with 2 microphones and the karaoke cd for the Frozen soundtrack.  It was such a highlight!  All the girls were singing at the top of their lungs.  So darling. Not quite Idina Menzel.  OMG, she’s amazing. Even if it was played over and over and over again to intoxicate us with the phrase “Let it Go”, I still get goosebumps when I hear her voice.  She is talented beyond the stars.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.47.22 PM

I wish every birthday could be this fun, playful and icy-awesome.

May you and yours stay warm this winter season!

xo, Melissa

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