Back on a health kick

We are right in the middle of baseball season and man, our food choices have gone RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW!!!  Frozen corn dogs, microwaved bean and cheese burritos, just ANYTHING quick with a little protein to scarf down in 10 minutes before we head out the door and are gone for 3+ hours! Something had… Continue reading Back on a health kick


It’s how I Cinco De Mayo :)

Any other Irish girl LOOOOVE Cinco De Mayo like me?!!!  Maybe it's the street tacos I dream of!  Or the live music of a fabulous mariachi band playing!  Or even the fresh, "made-at-your-table" guacamole that you dip your freshly salted chips into.  Aaaahhh! How can you go wrong with live music, fresh appetizers and a… Continue reading It’s how I Cinco De Mayo 🙂