It’s how I Cinco De Mayo :)

Any other Irish girl LOOOOVE Cinco De Mayo like me?!!!  Maybe it’s the street tacos I dream of!  Or the live music of a fabulous mariachi band playing!  Or even the fresh, “made-at-your-table” guacamole that you dip your freshly salted chips into.  Aaaahhh!

How can you go wrong with live music, fresh appetizers and a fabulous main course on it’s way?  Well, if you know me…there’s only ONE THING MISSING……………

Signature Cocktail, Baby!!!!


Our family go-to Margarita is simple: freshly squeezed lemon, freshly squeezed lime, shot of tequila, 1/2 shot of Grand Marnier and agave to sweeten.  Simple, easy, fresh, perfect.  However!  Recently, I have found a NEW LOVE to accompany my street tacos………….the Paloma!  It’s sweet, and sour, and so totally delicious.


Have yourself a vitamin C-packed Paloma this Saturday!  I’ll be toasting with one in my hand…you should too!!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo to y’all!

xo, Melissa


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