It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!

It’s Saturday night, before Thanksgiving and we are home.  The day was filled with shopping at the Plunky Maidens Christmas Marketplace, lots of odds and ends errand running and de-cluttering of the house.  As the craziness subsides, I decided to shake up a cocktail for my husband and I before dinner.

This week, I had cooked up a couple of turkey breasts & stuffing. (Did you see my insta-story on Thursday? melissakmanos I shared all the projects that were making me CRAZY!!!). I actually made a double batch of stuffings that day and TOOOTALLY forgot to take the second to the staff appreciation lunch on Friday! 🙄😑.  Oiy vay!!!!  So frustrating!!!  But, like my wise friend Hannah said, “Well, now you have dinner!” 😝

So tonight, I am reheating one of those turkey breasts, sticking the stuffing (that was suppose to be for the teachers) in the oven and cooking up some spaghetti squash from our good friend, David Pung’s garden. That’s our dinner.  Perfect for the season!  And that is what inspired me to make this cocktail!

The Cranberry Jammy, Serves 2


What you will need:

  • Bourbon 🥃
  • Cointreau
  • cranberry sauce
  • lemon bitters
  • fresh orange juice
  • splash of sparkling water (not shown)
First: Cranberry Sauce

Fill a cocktail shaker half full with ice. Measure 4 Tbsp. cranberry sauce into shaker.


Second:  Bourbon

Add 4 Tbsp. bourbon.


Third: Cointreau

Add 2 Tbsp. Cointreau or any orange liquor.


Fourth: Bitters & Orange Juice

Add 4-6 shakes of lemon bitters, 1-2 Tbsp. orange juice and SHAKE IT UP!

Fifth: Strain & Serve

Strain into two coupe glasses, top with a splash of sparkling water and an orange slice for garnish.

          TIP: Do you like your drinks EXTRA cold?  Me too!!!  I scoop a few of those cranberry-covered ice chunks from inside the cocktail shaker right into my glass.  Soooo gooood!


And there you have it, a fall harvest, Thanksgiving dinner inspired cocktail.  Shake one up with your turkey dinner this week!


Cheers, my friend!


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