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Finding “The Feed” Sign

I love going picking!  No!  Not the nose (Ok, maybe I’ve been around 9 year old boys too much lately) but antique or vintage shopping!!!

The year we were remodeling our Sunriver kitchen, we were in California visiting my parents.  And you know how I love to walk in downtown Willow Glen, San Jose, CA .  I happened to pop into this retro shop called Pop Daddy Vintage on Lincoln Avenue.  The place is known for their costumes and vintage clothing so I did not expect to find this AMAZING old tin sign.  It was priced at $150 and so I hesitated…I love a good bargain and for a rental, this was a little spendy.  Hence, I walked away…

feed sign

We returned to Oregon and I kept thinking about that darn sign and how perfect it would be on that rustic, barnwood wall in the kitchen!  I mean, HELLO!!!  The darn thing says FEED!  🙂


It was this gorgeously warn red, with the brown and white accents which were my overall aesthetic for the rental!

I — HAD — TO — HAVE — IT!  

So…I had my parents walk down to the shop (mind you…this is like 3+ months later) and sure enough…it was STILL THERE!!!  (Woohooo!!! Hallelujah!!!  Cheers!!!  Screams!!! YAAASSSS!!!!)  Let the bargaining begin!  Well…since I knew it had been there for so long…and NO ONE had bought it…we had some BARGAINING POWER, right?! 😉

I had my mom offer $100 (She’s so gutsy! I loved that lady!) and she got it for $120.  I was willing to pay full price because of how PERFECT IT WAS!!!  And the fact I couldn’t get it out of my mind!!!!  But a smart shopper always has to at least “try” to get a deal, right?  I learned from the best!  Thanks Mom!!!  Kisses!  

dining area

The sign came home with my parents that day (Thanks Dad…for carrying the sign all the way down Minnesota Avenue home! 🙂 ) and they hand delivered it to my home on one of their road-trips up to visit us in Portland, OR.   We installed it after the barnwood went up on the walls and just stood back and said, “Wow.  It really is perfect for this space.”

Don’t you agree?!  I just love it!!!

Makes me want to go out picking this weekend!!!  (eeewww…gross!!!) 🙂

Happy hunting, y’all!

xo, Meliss

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