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Sunriver for the Holidays

Every year we go to our Sunriver home at some point during the holiday season.  This year, we will celebrate Christmas in Portland with my California Family and then we’ll all pile on into our SUV and head to #Meadowhouse7, our condo in Sunriver, Oregon.



It is the best place to escape during the holidays, with the twinkle lights throughout the village, the gingerbread house competition on display at the Sunriver Lodge, and our cozy home, decked out in it’s rustic red, brown and black collected atmosphere.  Pour yourself some hot cocoa, and sit by a roaring fire while gazing out the picture window at the slow falling snow.  Ahh…there’s nothin’ better.


Here’s the great room.  Notice Eddie? (How can you not, RIGHT?!  The guy is MASSIVE!)  Who knew this California girl would fall in love with a hunter?  My hubbie and his dad go hunting every year if they are “drawn” and about 5 years ago, my father-in-law brought home Eddie.  I was hoping we would “…just keep the antlers…” but the guys insisted we keep the whole dude. I’ve learned to love Eddie and the rustic, historic touch he brings to our woodsy cabin retreat. 🙂


Opposite Eddie is Milky White, named by my daughter after the cow in Jack and the Beanstalk.  When my son was little, he wanted me to read that book over and over and over.  Have you read it in a while?  It’s kind of disturbing.  After Jack sells Milky White for the “magic beans” his wife gets so mad she essentially beats him! “Take that!  And that!  And that!  And go to your room without supper!”  (yeiks!)

Well, there is no beating allowed in Sunriver and everyone always gets supper served up in our cozy new kitchen. 🙂


dining area

In 2016 we remodeled the kitchen.  I started to collect “rustic modern” ideas for what a cabin looked like.  I wanted something that would last the test of time so I started planning the overall look and feel to be rustic like it had been there for ages and yet had a very current aesthetic.

Tip: find pieces that make your home unique!  Shop garage sales, vintage stores even your grandparents’ basement.  You never know what you will find!

We upgraded all our plates and glassware to IKEA’s finest 😉 and had the contractor build open shelves.  Nothing worse than staying at a rental and having to open 4 cupboards before you find the plates!

Brackets are from Rejuvenation, which I LOOOVE!  Cabinet Hardware: Pottery Barn, Table: pier1, Chairs: Target, Stools: Salvaged, Lamps: Target, Chandelier: Lowe’s (I think!  14 years ago…)  Feed sign: vintage shop!  More on how I got that vintage sign here!




The master bedroom sits in the back of the house with a large king bed. There are two low-profile, mid-century modern wood-framed chairs, original to the house, that sit just next to the picture window.  I lined the cushions with faux fur and gave them a new rustic feel.

The following year after we got Eddie, my husband came home with a deer. (*sigh)  This time I said, NO HEAD, but let’s mount the antlers and we can admire  them at the Sunriver home.

master bedroom

The second bedroom is for the kids.  It has 1 queen size bed and a rustic bunk bed that we purchased at a second-hand store in Bend.  This still has the original decor from when we first bought our place 14 years ago but it still has a nice charm.  The kids row-sham-bow for who gets the queen or who gets the bunk.  Or one just gives up and sleeps in the new addition of the reading room/bunk room across the hall.bunkroom


The bathrooms we remodeled 5 years ago (just before we got Eddie).  We ripped out the old, low-lying Formica counter-tops and replaced them with these custom, salvaged barn-wood vanities.  I love how they turned out. Again, rustic, with a modern upgrade.







When we remodeled the kitchen, we decided to convert the coat closet by the front door to a stack-able washer/dryer and convert the laundry room into another usable room!  In order to build it to code, we had to add the window but other than that, this 6′ x 8′ room serves as another place the kids can hang out, play games, read, and a second sleeping room.  We even built a murphy bunk-bed that can be pulled down for an additional 3rd bed in this space.  I love it!



Linking the main area to the bedrooms is a gallery wall, adjacent to the outside courtyard.


I collected vintage frames and found old photographs of our relatives that I had blown up at Office Depot.  I just love putting these personal touches on our home to make it feel like it’s been here forever.  There are pictures of my husband’s dad fishing with his brother, my dad as a kid fishing at Gold Lake, my grandma on their family farm, my husband’s grandpa heading out to ski with some buddies, etc.  It makes it feel like there has been history made and families bonding under this roof. And you know what?  There has!  14 years ago when we bought this place, we had plans.  We wanted to create a tradition, a retreat, that my kids continue to go back to over and over and over, building memories and experiences that they too can pass on to their kids!


We rent Meadowhouse 7 out through Sunriver Resort.  BUT!  We prefer to have our renters be people we know and love and that will treat our home with respect and appreciation!  Sooooo…if you ever want to take a break and head to Sunriver for a long weekend or a whole week, please give me a call/email!  We would LOVE for YOU to stay at our family home over a stranger any day!!!!


Oh and did I mention it’s pet-friendly?!!!!  We couldn’t leave our darling Lucy-dog at home and neither should you!

Ahhh….now let’s hope there’s some good snow so we can ski some Mt. Bachelor powder this coming winter break!!!

Happy Holidays, y’all!

xo, Meliss


7 thoughts on “Sunriver for the Holidays

  1. How charming and relaxing. I love the rustic meets modern look, that is so unique and timeless. The buffalo plaid pillows on the couch are just perfect.


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