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Salted Caramel Nut Brittle


Now is the time for baking and giving!  I love making homemade gifts to give to our special friends, teachers, bus drivers, etc.  Last year, you may remember, I made my favorite granola recipe (see here!)  This year I wanted to try something NEW!

Making the Brittle

Years ago I bought a candy thermometer.  Don’t know what inspired it but I have never used it.  Yesterday, after my son got home from piano, the two of us put that thermometer to work and made Salted Caramel Nut Brittle.


It was actually super easy!  The most challenging part was waiting for the temperature to reach 300 degrees.  I think it was about 15 minutes of stirring and waiting, stirring and waiting, counting the degrees that went up as the sugar, water, & syrup mixture bubbled away.


But once it hit 300, we quickly stirred in 1 tsp. baking soda and watch the chemical reaction BEGIN!  Foam galore!  But DON’T GET DISTRACTED!  You have to act QUICK!

Once you get that baking soda incorporated, quickly stir in your 12 oz. of mixed nuts (I got mine at Trader Joe’s, of course!  Look for the toasted and lightly salted package that is 12 oz., the exact amount you need for this recipe!)


Once the nuts are stirred in, quickly pour it out on a silicone mat or parchment paper, spread to a single layer and let cool (approx. 30 minutes).  Snap the bark in pieces with your fingers and then you’re ready to start packaging!



I picked up these adorable red and white themed paper bags from Tuesday Morning!  After filling a sandwich-size zip-lock full of your brittle, stuff it in the decorative bag and seal shut with double-sided tape (or in this case, the bag HAD a double-sided sticker already in place!  Whoo hoo!)


Add a recipe label and you are ready to gift away!!!  As my idol, Ina would say, “How easy is that?!”

Free Printable

And as a gift to YOU for reading and visiting my blog, here is a free printable of the brittle recipe tags!  Now you too can make these fun, beautiful gifts for your friends and family members too!

nut brittle recipe tags

Happy holidays and happy baking to y’all!!!!

xo, Meliss


(Save to desktop or click & print!)

nut brittle recipe

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