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The Kids Bath is COMPLETE!

Remember the “mini reveal” of “how to stencil” a Bathroom back in October?  Well…all the details are complete!  Come take a peek at our kids bathroom remodel!


Last spring we decided it was time to “remodel” the kids bathroom.  To save on cost, we kept the footprint of the room, the toilet and even the cabinets.  What we wanted to spend our money on freshening up the counters (which were 5″ tile squares before), the floor (which was linoleum) and changing the bathtub to a standing, enclosed shower (much better for our growing ‘tweens).  Our kids, ages 9 years and 11 years, were still coming into our bathroom to brush their teeth, take showers, do their hair, etc.  As much as I love them, this mama (and daddy) needed some elbow room and maybe just a “little” privacy, please?

Find A Contractor

We live in an area where the houses are all 20+ year and lots of our friends have been remodeling little by little: kitchens, baths, outdoor spaces, etc.  So, we asked around and found a great guy that did it all himself.  His attention to detail was impeccable (ie. he re-did the floor tile in the shower pan and then again on the transition space from the sink room to the shower room because when he walked over the area without shoes on he could feel a rise.)  I LOVE a contractor that takes his time and does the job right than one that accepts mediocre work (as did the contractor that did our master bathroom remodel. *insert eye-roll)  I highly recommend finding a contractor by referrals.  I mean, what better way to learn about how someone does their job then from past clients?!


Start Pinning Ideas

I love Pinterest!  I have been pinning things for YEARS!  If you are thinking of designing ANYTHING, get yourself a Pinterest board.  I save recipes I like, art I want to create, rooms that inspire me, etc.  I highly recommend going online and “pinning” all the things!  Just all the things!!!!  It’s the best filing system you will ever have!

For this bathroom remodel, I made a Bathroom board.  Here I saved anything and everything I liked: inspiration bathrooms, light fixtures, hardware, etc.  This became super helpful to really narrow down what my design style was and what I envisioned this bathroom becoming after the remodel.


One of the most difficult parts of a redesign are the details.  Those tiny little decisions can eat at you as you are trying to figure out what is going to work best for your new space.

The First Decision: the Faucet


I first fell in love with this faucet from Lowes.com along with a matching shower head. I love the modern straight handles and the sleek goose neck spout. In pictures it looks like antique brass but in person, the color is actually a little more “pink” vs. “yellow” undertones.  The color is called Champagne.  Now, who wouldn’t love Champagne ANYTHING in your bathroom? 🙂  This girl was sold!

Second: The Lighting


The second choice that too was super easy was these light fixtures from Pottery Barn.  My inspiration were these beauties from Shades of Light. They are A-MAZ-ING but way too expensive.  I also liked this one from Home Depot.  At only $130, how could you go wrong?  But I finally settled on a mid-range priced light fixture from Pottery Barn which had the look and shape of my favorites but at a lower price point.  Win win!

Third: Hardware

Of all the decisions, this was the HARDEST (ha!  like that punn??!!  Totally not intended).  I just could NOT find something I liked.  I looked at Anthropology.  I looked online.  I searched Etsy.  I wasn’t having much luck, but I also didn’t know exactly what I wanted.

I was looking for either a light brass to coordinate with the faucet or maybe ceramic patterned knobs that might bring a new color to the space.  I finally found these beauties on Forge Hardware and just crossed all my fingers and toes that they were a similar finish to the Champagne faucet.  And sure enough, when they arrived, I opened that box and they were perfect!!!  Wooohoooo!!!!  The knobs are such a classic shape yet the lucite handles bring a new modern edge to them.  Aren’t they just lovely?!!!

Last Decision: Wall Hangings

And finally…what to put on the walls?

Another MUST for this bathroom were the individual MIRRORS!!!  Oh my lord, take me to heaven!  I have been drooling over these gorgeous twins from Serena & Lily for years!  The site was having a 30% off and I POUNCED!  Come to mama, my beautiful Ojai Mirrors, come to mama!!!

And remember the shared with you my stenciling demo a few months ago?  I really love how it turned out, don’t you?!!!!  So fun!  But like with any “wallpaper” or patterned wall, the space can get very busy pretty quick!  So then what does one do for artwork?  Between the two doorways, there was this big space where I felt the pattern was TAKING OVER!  We needed something to break up the repeat pattern, to give your eye somewhere to rest.  In my garage, I went through the pieces that I had in their bathroom before and decided on this artwork.  It is from when my son was in preschool: his version of a “Picasso”.  I love how it brings another pop of color to this space yet the white matte and white frame really give the eye that ‘rest’ it needed.  Plus, doesn’t it make you smile?  I love artwork that has a sense of humor.

The Final Design

That’s it!  What do you think?  (Please leave a comment below!)


Such a work in progress but so fun to see the final product complete.  And best of all, the kids have a fun NEW space to use!  Don’t get me wrong…they still frequent our bathroom to brush hair, and take occasional showers.  I don’t think we’ll every fully get them out of our bath but…that’s ok.  Because when that day comes, when they go off to college, we will miss it.  All of it: the turquoise toothpaste streak in the sink, the hairbrush being left out on the counter, and the pile of clothes left from when they got into the shower but didn’t take it with them when they got OUT of the shower! *sigh* We love those little rascals.

Maybe I should go use THEIR bathroom instead! 🙂

Now…where’s the buzz ball to toast to a job complete!

xo, Melis

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