Sundown Sipper, another yummy cocktail.

Hey hey hey!!!!  Everyone gearing up for Valentine’s day?!  Oh you know you’ve been shopping for the perfect pink outfit, sampling chocolates to decide which to serve and sipping on some tasty bubbly all month month long! 🙂

I have done NOTHING!  Ok, maybe I bought some cards for my kids and hubby but that is IT!  And now that it’s less than 2 weeks away, I think I need to get planning!

Valentine Traditions


We have a few traditions for Valentine’s day. One is FONDUE!  My family looooves dipping cubed french bread from our local bakery, Grand Central, into a swiss and gruyere melted cheese fondue.  We add a few healthy dippers such as broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cubed green apples. So simple yet so special.  And the best part, you can make this for two or your whole family!  It’s loved by all.

Red Velvet Cake

Another tradition which goes back to when I was a kid is baking my absolute favorite cake of all time: the Waldorf Astoria Cake!  You probably know it better as Red Velvet cake but the recipe my mom always made has the most amazing, unique frosting you’ll ever taste.  It starts by heating milk and flour.  Then separately, you cream together butter, sugar and vanilla, and add the cooled milk mixture to the butter mixture. It’s a little labor intensive but it is the BEST!  Maybe I’ll reveal our family’s SECRET RECIPE in an upcoming blog. 😉

Cocktail of the Night

Last year I made the Crimson Kiss.  The secret ingredient: Amaretto really makes that drink extra special.

This year, what I think I’ll serve, which is a little out of the norm for Valentines is this little beverage… the Sundown Sipper.  I’m telling ya, I have been totally craving Tequila lately!  Eiy Ca-rumba!  This little recipe I shared on my Instagram a few weeks back has been a huge hit!  I served it for two dinner parties and I mixed up a pitcher for our super bowl gathering.

After Super Bowl, I had some extras from that pitcher so I just froze it!  Now it’s a perfect slushy consistency that all I need to do is top with the Blood Orange Soda and VOILA! Your beverage is served! I’m telling ya, this one’s a keeper!!!

honey lemon pancakes

Whether a night with girlfriends, your family of 4 (like us!) or just you and your honey, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!!!

xo, Melis

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