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Will You Be Mine—-Craft? A 2019 Valentine Card.

SO…I am a girlie girlie GIRLIE girl!!!! Head to toe, in and out, through and through. But then on May 2nd, 2009… this girlie girl birthed herself a BABY BOY!!! And this baby boy 👦🏼 was truly, ALL BOY! Head to toe, in and out, through and through. Ball was his first word. A golf club was in his hands by age 2. At age three, he stopped dead in his tracks to check out a red sports car parked in the gym parking lot. I am telling you, I knew from day one that this kid was gonna teach me what it was to be a boy.

Fast forward to present day. He plays basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, piano, not to mention this video game called Minecraft. I don’t get the obsession but I do love that he can build things, destroy things and chats with his friend (sitting next to him) while they are playing.

2019 Valentine Cards

Remember the  “Cutie” Valentine’s I designed for my nephew last year?  This year for B’s Valentine’s, he was determined to have a Minecraft theme for his Valentine cards. There are lots of cute ideas on Pinterest (which is where I got the clever sayings I used!) but B had it in his head that he wanted to incorporate a chocolate sucker. (Where that came from, I’ll never know!!!!) 

I got to thinking.  Now, who has a square block shaped chocolate sucker?  See’s Candies , that’s who!  They are cube-shaped and PERFECT for a Minecraft Valentine!!!  Woohooo!  Jackpot!

After heading to the See’s shop (Why yes, I would love a free sample of your bordeaux!) to purchase 30 lollies (Discount on 30+ qty!  Score!), I created the templates (available below…), printed them and B and I got to assembling.

This is how we did it… (cue Montell Jordan’s song now…)

Minecraft Valentines

1. First, print off the provided sheets: cards & creeper heads templates.

2. Cut out the “creeper heads”.

3. Fold along all the edges to make a “box”. (Nice glue on my finger! Oiy!)

4. Turn the print-side down on the table and put the sucker in the middle,  over the back of the head.  This will be the inside.

5. Wrap the paper around the sucker, tucking the top tab in.

6. Place a line of glue on the edge of the right flap.

7. Press to seal the wrap around the sucker.  Hold for 30-60 seconds till secure.

8. Place the end of the sucker down on your table.  Put a dab of glue on the corner of the two small flaps and fold the long side down to adhere. 

9. Hold flap in place for 30-60 seconds till secure.

10.  You’re ALMOST DONE!  Place a circle of glue to the back side of the sucker. (Opposite the face).

11. Center the Creeper sucker on the top of the card and press into place.  Let try until the glue has hardened. (I left them overnight before packing them up to take to school).

Voila! You are done ✅ and ready to deliver to your creeper friends! 🙂

Did you make your Valentine’s day cards this year?  Or have you in the past?  Maybe you find your favorite design or theme of the year?  Tell me about it!  I would love to hear all about your traditions!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

xo, Meliss



*See bottom of this post on how to save and print images (if you don’t already know! 🙂 )

10 thoughts on “Will You Be Mine—-Craft? A 2019 Valentine Card.

  1. It’s been a loooonnnng time since I made a homemade card, but I think I definitely need to get back in the habit. Cards are so expensive! And personalized ones are so much more appreciated.


    1. Oh my gosh, did you ever “scrapbook” or emboss with stamps?!!!!! I totally went thru that phase. 🙂 But you are so right…cards are ridiculously expensive!!! Trader Joe’s has some pretty ones for not too much $ but you’re not getting any fun 3D embellishments. Have a happy V-day with your hubbie!!!


  2. Girlie Gurl, you have done an outstanding job of applying your “girl” skills to delighting your boy. You did forget to mention that tou’ve Instilled a love of art in your boy. That’s probably because you’ve helped bring his passions to life through the years. These cards are sure to delight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NO WAY!!! Your sis has a Bryson too?!!!! We don’t hear the name very often. Once on the train at the Oregon Zoo there was another Bryson celebrating his birthday…which was such a crazy coincidence. Give your B a high five from my B (who’s just a year older) 🙂


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