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Thailand Inspired Cocktail


Do you belong to a book club?  That amazing Oprah inspired us all to start one back in 1996!!!  I joined one many years ago just to give me an excuse to read a book a month. With all other life distractions and responsibilities, my reading gets postponed till vacation or summer breaks. Now, that I HAVE TO read a book each month (I mean, it’s my homework, peeps!), I have started a ritual of reading every night before I go to sleep. Truthfully, it’s the BEST!  It clears my mind and lets me relax for the last 15-30 minutes of the day. I swear it’s one reason I sleep like a hibernating bear!

Book Club Book

This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel.

This last month we read This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel. A story that follows a families journey through the trials and decisions when having a transgender child. It is quite moving and started a great discussion.

Cocktail Inspiration

The last third of the book takes place in Thailand which inspired me to create a new cocktail to serve at my book club meeting: The Thai Tango.

The Ingredients

It starts with mango nectar from my favorite food store: Trader Joe’s!  (And did you see, it’s even organic! Booyah!)

You can make them individually or you can make a whole pitcher full!  Since I was hosting book club, I wanted to be free to mingle so I made a pitcher, served the first to the guests and after that they were able to pour their own seconds, and thirds, and… 🙂

Next comes the potent part: Citron Vodka. Pucker up, sister!  This has a lip-smackin’ effect.

And the final ingredient that adds flavor and potency: Triple Sec!  Think orange syrup with a little adult kick.  MmmmmmmMmmm!

Pour it all into a pitcher, add some sliced lime and clementine floaters and you’re ready to serve!  Fill some glassware with cubes of ice and pour away!


honey lemon pancakes

Hope you all have a SMASHING hump day!

xo, Meliss


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