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Amazing Blueberry Dessert

When I commit, I commit hard.  So when I was asked to join a Bunko group in our neighborhood, and was told that “ have to come.  No excuses.  We rely on all 12 members coming every month…” etc. etc.  Well…she didn’t know who she was talking to.  I am a dedicated person.  If I say I am going to do something, I’m there!  All in baby!

And every month, I WANT to go!  I look forward to Bunko night!  These women are wonderful!  We are all ages and at all stages of our lives.  The original group started almost 20 years ago when the neighborhood was built.  About half of our group are original members.

Even my girlfriend who is on that Keto Diet cheated and ate my dessert!!!  Now THAT’S a compliment!

Back then, those ladies were moms at my stage in life: kids in elementary school, carpooling to soccer games and choir performances.  Now they are becoming grandparents for the first time!  It’s so fun to see the pictures and hear their excitement.  The other half of the group are mom’s like me, active in the elementary school and just trying to get through the day sometimes!  And the beauty: we all understand each other!!!

One thing we all have in common is we all LOVE GOOD FOOD!  Every month, the host makes the main dish (salmon, pork, chicken pot pie, etc.), and we all bring the “sides”.  And it’s all DELICIOUS!  Lucky for me there are only 2 ladies that liked to bring dessert and one of them moved away a few years ago (but still comes to town and comes to bunko!).  

If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that making desserts runs in the family.  My mom was known for her desserts.  The Red Velvet I posted about last month and the Peppermint Pie are two of her classics!  I am very proud to continue this tradition, especially to my bunko girls.

You know when I discover something amazing, I have to share it with you!!!  This month, I made this recipe from Tom Douglas’s Tom’s Big Dinners and everyone raved about it.  “Melissa, you have to make this again!!!” (‘Cuz they know I don’t usually repeat! 🙂 )  Even my girlfriend who is on that Keto Diet cheated and ate my dessert!!!  Now THAT’S a compliment!

The crispiness if the cornmeal with the sweetness of the blueberries was so scrumptious. Plus, you know me, I love anything pretty!!! The perfection of baking in a tart pan and the beauty of a basket weave make the presentation of this dessert a show stopper!!! This one’s going into our family recipe book for sure.  It’s a 5-star keeper!!!!


Make It Ahead

Try it for yourself at your next dinner party or Bunko night!  I made the jam a couple days ahead, the crust dough 2 days ahead, assembled and baked it the night before.  Helps with the stress of planning the rest of your evening!

The Recipe

honey lemon pancakes

Bon Appetit, y’all!

xo, Melissa


5 thoughts on “Amazing Blueberry Dessert

  1. Oh Bunco is THE BEST!!! I had a Bunco group that met monthly for over five years, and now with older kids, it’s more challenging to meet that often, so we get together once a quarter. And when we do, we FEAST! 🙂 I can see this blueberry dessert being a big hit!

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    1. This is my first Bunko group and they are serious ladies! I mean…not serious when we are there…but serious in that everyone looks forward to it every month. A vacation here and there yes, but everyone is pretty devoted. 🙂 It’s awesome. They’re my kind of gals. Happy rollin’!


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