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Let’s Dye Some Eggs!!!!


My daughter came home about a week ago and exclaimed, “Let’s make marbled Easter eggs this year!”  And of course I said, SOUNDS GREAT!  Let’s do it!

Low and behold, there was an article in a magazine on marbling eggs with Cool Whip!  So I jumped in the mom mobile and headed to the market to get me some Cool Whip (but the Safeway brand was $0.99 so there you go! Decision made.)

Step 1: soak

First, to set the color, you need to soak your hard boiled eggs* in white vinegar for 2-3 minutes (but no longer! or the acid will ‘eat’ the shell!)

Step 2: Whipped topping

Next, is where the whipped topping comes in to play!  Spread that stuff all over the bottom of one lipped cookie sheet with a rubber spatula.

Step 3: Food Coloring

Once the topping is in place, you are now ready for the food coloring! I used Wilton Gel Colors. They worked ok but I think if they were liquid, it may have worked better.

Drop dots all over 1 half of the the whipped topping. We did one color combo on one side of the cookie sheet (pink, blue, purple) and a different color combo for the other side (yellow, green, orange).

Step 4: Swirl

Once you’ve got your color in place, take a toothpick and start swirling the colors together throughout the whipped topping.  Don’t over-mix or it will muddy the colors.

Step 5: Roll eggs

Once it is sufficiently swirled, it is time to roll the eggs thru the whipped up coloring.  Roll each egg thru the coloring till all sides are covered and then LEAVE IT sitting there on the cookie sheet all covered in whip and color!

Repeat Steps 3-5

Repeat with the second color combo on the other half of the cookie sheet. (Dot color, swirl, roll, sit)

Step 6: Let SIT!

Set the timer for 1 hour and go do more important things while the eggs sit in their bath of color and cool whip. 🙂

Step 7: Rinse
Time’s up! Rinse each egg but DON’T RUBB THE EGG or the coloring will come off.  Just rinse until most of the cream is gone.

Let the eggs dry.

Voila! You have some beautiful marbled eggs for your Easter morning!

Aren’t they pretty?!!! I love the magic of how each one is different and unique!!! And a total mystery as to how it is going to turn out until you rince off that topping!

*Hard-boiling eggs!  I tried two methods this year: boiling (my tried and true method) vs. steaming the eggs.  Results: the steamed eggs were SO MUCH BETTER!!!!  How to steam eggs: set the rack in the bottom of a rice cooker.  Fill with about 1″ of water (just to cover the rack).  Place raw eggs on the rack and plug in the cooker.  Place lid on cooker.  Once steaming, set timer for 12 minutes.  When timer is done, fill rice cooker with cold water to stop the eggs from cooking any further.  Let sit till cool.  Drain and let dry.  I’m telling you, THIS IS THE WAY TO GO!  I’m totally steaming eggs next time I want a hard boiled egg.  or shall we say hard-STEAMED egg 😉

I hope y’all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy some delicious and beautifully colored hard boiled eggs!

xo, Melis

10 thoughts on “Let’s Dye Some Eggs!!!!

    1. Why thank you! When I saw it, I had to test if it would work!!!! some kinks but overall, a super easy project with any age kids. (My sis did it with her 2.5 year old…he went shirtless just to save on laundry 😉 )

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