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Easter Sippin’

Having a slew of relatives over? Or maybe a Friends-Easter? (Doesn’t quite have the same ring as Friends-giving, does it?! 🙂 )

We are having both!  My in-laws, brother-in-law & his girlfriend and cousin Teresa are coming over for Easter. Then, our family dinner group who all have kids our kids age, are also coming over.  With all those kids, it’s gonna be so fun.

In total, we are expecting 19 peeps. Holy wow, right? Don’t be too stressed (I’m telling myself 🙂 ). Everyone is pitching in with the food, thank goodness.  I just have to prep the ham, put out an appie for the early arrivals to munch on, and the beverages.

Big Batch Signature Cocktail

To ease my hosting responsibilities, I’m mixin’ up a pitcher of the signature cocktail! Smart, right?!!!  And this recipe comes together so easy that if we run out, I can mix up another batch in seconds (ok…maybe more like minutes…but IT’S QUICK!)!!

Step 1: get a pitcher

Step 2: add 2 cups of vanilla vodka


Step 3: add 3 cups grapefruit juice (I like the Simply brand)


Step 4: add 1/2c an orange liqueur*

*I added Triple Sec after sampling 😊. I wanted to mellow out the tartness of the juice with something sweet…and a little 🍊 orange liqueur did just the trick!

Step 5: wet the rim of your glass with a grapefruit wedge and dip in salt* (optional)

*I suggest doing this step of prepping the glassware before your guests arrive. Put out an instruction card telling them the next steps 6-8. 

Step 6: fill glass with crushed ice


Step 7: pour juice mixture over ice, approximately 2/3 full, & top with seltzer water


Step 8: garnish and serve!


The Salty Bunny

  • 2c vanilla vodka
  • 3c grapefruit juice
  • 1/2c+ orange liqueur
  • seltzer water (to taste)
  • grapefruit wedges for garnish

In a pitcher, fill with vodka, juice and orange liqueur. Stir. Salt rim of 8 glasses. Fill glasses with crushed ice. Pour juice over ice filling to 2/3 full. Top with seltzer water, garnish and serve!

I hope you all have a HOPPY Easter! 😉

xo, Melis


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