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Summer Rules 2019


I AM BORED!  WHAT CAN I DO?  How many times have you heard this in the last 5 weeks???!!!  I love summer and we truly have had some fabulous experiences together as a family.  But now that we are in the thick of summer, the planned vacations have dwindled and my kids are driving me a little bit craaaazzzyyy!!!

If I don’t have a camp or a playdate or SOMETHING scheduled for the day, we are at each other’s throats!!!  (That might be a slight exaggeration)  🙂  We have been pretty busy but when our day is NOT packed with plans, my littles are on me every 10 minutes of how to occupy their time.

The Answer!

Years ago, I had a “Summer Rules” chart taped to the inside of our pantry door.  One lovely day, I decided to clean house and I threw it away!  What was I THINKING???  They are not just summer rules, they are truly ALL YEAR ROUND RULES!  Make bed, brush teeth, get dressed, have breakfast… these are habit forming lists we do every day.  It’s the second part of the list that really starts some deeper habit forming skills: read every day.  Write every day.  Play outside every day.  Do something creative every day!  During the school year it is hard to fit all of these things into our days. But now, during the slower days of summer, we should be able to get these life-filling activities into our 14+ hours of daylight.

Here are the Rules

Last week, after I had heard the “What can I do?” for the um-teenth time, I revamped some 2019 Summer Rules for our family.  The 12 year old has been AWESOME about checking the boxes.  The 10 year old on the other-hand…needs a little coaxing. 😉

(Right click the image below,”save the image to your desktop” and print them for your family too!  This should save landscape so you can print two up on 1, 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.)


I hope you are having a wonderful summer, hanging out with friends and bonding with your kids.  Enforcing this list will help with that second part! 😉

A new name for 2019: the happy habit forming summer!

xo, Melis


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