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Quick and Simple Packaging

Secret Santa’s 🎅🏼 already?!!! Oh yes, people. The season is here!!! And with it comes a quick and simple new packaging idea!!! I mean, if you have a paper cup anywhere in your house, and a lil’ ribbon 🎀 , you too, can make this adorable little giftbox!

Materials needed:

  • 1 paper cup
  • scissors
  • small gift (that fits in the bottom of the cup)
  • ribbon
  • tag

How to make this adorable gift box:

1. Take a paper cup and cut off the rim.

2. Cut slits, approximately 1 1/4 “down* the sides and 1″ part, all the way around the top edge of the cup.

*For math purposes: this measurement should be just UNDER 1/2 the width of your cup. My cup was 3″ wide and my slits were 1 1/4″ deep and spaced 1” apart.

3. Fold the tabs you created down into the middle.

4. Pull them back out and insert your “gift” into the bottom of your cup. From here, take each tab and arrange them to slightly overlap the one next to it, left on top of right, left on top of right, all the way around until you have them all going the same way around. (see photo!)

5. Continue to push the tabs together until they are parallel with the bottom and it closes the open circle in the middle.

5. Tie with a bow, add a tag and BOOM! You have a perfect ‘lil gift to give your friends!

Now don’t keep THIS a secret…share this packaging tutorial with all of your friends!!! And maybe you too will get something small and lovely delivered to YOU in a cute little cup-box wrapped up with a precious little bow! ☺️

Happy secret santa-ing!

xo, melissa

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