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Lemon lbs. Cake

Lemon.  It’s the taste of summer.  So refreshing, thurst quenching and oh so delicious.  In California, they are blessed to have the perfect weather to grow citrus.  At my dad’s house in the bay area, there is a very large lemon tree that produces the grandest lemons I’ve ever seen.  I mean, these things can grow to the size of a baby’s head!  No joke!  Whenever my parents came to visit us in Portland, my mom would always bring me a bag of them for me when they were in season.

I recently saw a Facebook post by CJ, one of my mom’s friends in the bay area.  It was titled “The BEST Italian Lemon Pound Cake”.  Well, if something is claiming to be the BEST, I HAD TO TRY IT!!! Plus, what’s a few more POUNDS to add to the Covid-“19”?! I’ll just burn it off practicing zumba routines! 😉

This last trip to the grocery store, (I only go every other week, due to the Coronavirus), I bought the ingredients and made it that night.  My daughter said, “Cake!  What are you making it for?”  Oh lawd.  I guess it is a rarety for me to make a dessert “just because”! Don’t get me wrong, I will make a batch of cookies or muffins once in a while but never a CAKE JUST BECAUSE!!!!  Well, Jillie, we are living it UP in isolation!!!  We are going to bake a cake JUST-BE-CAUSE!  #ISOLATIONCREATION

This Recipe has a few steps

I’m not gonna tell you this is not the EASIEST cake to make.  It is also not the hardest.  There are a few steps to getting it right.

Things to know before you start:
  1. Bundt cake pans can be tricky.  You DON’T want it stick to the pan.  So please please PLEASE grease that pan WELL!
  2. Sift your ingredients: I followed the recipe directly. Not sure if it would have made a difference if I had not sifted the flour, powder & salt.
  3. It calls for buttermilk AND sour cream.
  4. If you made it this far, you are golden…almost
  5. The glaze is simple, just be sure to zest your lemon before cutting into the lemon.
  6. You have to squeeze a LOT of fresh lemon juice.
  7. The frosting is the trickiest.  Make sure to soften your cream cheese or it won’t whip.  I take it out of the refrigerator and sit it on the counter for a few hours before I make the frosting.
  8. Have extra powdered sugar to make sure your frosting isn’t too runny when you are piping it on.

And that’s it!  Not too hard, eh?


I guess the unanswered question is: was this the BEST Italian Lemon Pound Cake ever?  Well, you know what they say…a picture’s worth a thousand words.




Hope you enjoy the process AND the outcome of your delicious creation.  It’s worth every lb! 😉

xo, Melissa

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