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Healthy Griddle Cakes with Berry Compote


Hi friend!  How have you been doing?  Any visits to the farmer’s Market lately?  Our local market opened up last month and I have been 2 weeks in a row!  First, I needed to grab a bouquet of peonies before they are no longer in season and second for peonies AGAIN but this time I grabbed a flat of the delicious strawberries!  OMG!  Talk about mouthwatering DELICIOUS!  I cannot even tell you how good they are right now.  I may have consumed a whole basket all by myself before I even stepped in the door and took off my jacket.  These berries were so delicious, it inspired me to make this recipe!

The first time I posted about these Sunday Griddle Cakes we were making them all the time.  And to tell you the truth, I had kind of forgotten about this recipe until Sunday when I wanted to make something healthy and hearty for Sunday brunch.  Well, to tell you the truth, that recipe does NOT make enough for a family of 4 let alone all my friends with families of 5 or even 6 out there!  So, I doubled the recipe and added a few adjustments along the way.


Healthy Ingredients

If you want a hardy pancake, made up of sensible ingredients, this recipe is for YOU!  It has whole wheat, oatmeal, low sugar, and topped with fresh fruit. How fantastic is that?  I changed out the buttermilk to a buttermilk substitute ‘cuz, I don’t know about you but unless I am making my Red Velvet Cake, I don’t have buttermilk in the refrigerator.  But milk and vinegar? I always have that!


Compote: just a fancy word for a berry sauce!

I also simplified the compote by eliminating the orange zest and just using orange juice, syrup and berries. Instead of just using blueberries, this time I used blueberries, strawberries and some pretty dynamite cherries! Have any of you purchased cherries this season?  They are so sweet and juicy!!! This was our first bag and I have to say, they didn’t last very long.  I grabbed the last 1/2 cup to use in the compote for this recipe.


And because I am a get-her-done kind of gal, let’s stop talking and here’s the recipe for you and your family to enjoy!

Bon Appetite!

xo, Melissa


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