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Master Bedroom Refresh

A house is never done. It is a forever molding and shaping into a home and then remolding and shaping to what your family needs. People change, our tastes change, our lives evolve.

10+ Years Ago

We moved into this home 11 years ago and since then we upgraded to a king bed and have changed out the curtains, reupholstered the bench, changed out the chair, etc. None of it happened overnight.  These changes evolved over time.


Did y’all see the before and after of my project room?  I cleaned up my sewing/project closet to make it more user friendly (and yes…it worked…my husband has claimed it as his COVID office! *sigh*) .  I moved some of the artwork that was hanging in my bedroom into that space which made my bedroom start to feel empty and sad!  That is when I knew I had to do a little bedroom refresh. Always evolving.

Remove Clutter

Cleaned out the side tables and dresser of the clutter and I am slowly bringing old things back in and adding fresh new pops of color. Originally, I thought I would bring in some coral/orange but I am rethinking that choice.  I really like a bedroom to feel peaceful.  Keeping a more muted, monochromatic palette in a bedroom will accomplish a more peaceful atmosphere.

Keeping a more muted, monochromatic palette in a bedroom will accomplish a more peaceful atmosphere.

Always Evolving

I still have one other corner (that I am not sharing—yet! 😁) that has a chair, mirror, table gathering… that still needs joojing. I need to decide on a few more things such as pillow, lamp, footstool fabric and if i want/need a new mirror. Once those items get chosen AND I finally finish painting “the girl”, this room will feel a little more complete. (For now 😉!)

Tata for now!

xo, Melissa

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