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Valentine Idea: Paintbrush Valentine

Do you ever run across a site that is just soooo eye-catching and inspiring that you can’t get off? You just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and you JUST – CAN’T – S T O P! As I was researching ideas for homemade valentine for my son’s class this year, I found THIS! Everything on their sight is so bright and fun and fresh! There are cherry valentines made out of tootsie roll pops that are so stinkin cute! Or this galentine favor that looks like a tube of lipstick! So brilliant!

But, being a boy, we need to find something that isn’t too girly, that isn’t too mushy, that isn’t to VALENTINESY! LOL! In the past we did a Minecraft valentine and for my nephew’s class I printed up a “Be my Cutie” for a healthy treat option! This year, we came across this paint brush idea!


In order to create these paintbrush valentines, you will need: 1. scissors; 2. cardstock (for printing the printables); 3. 3″x5″ ziplock bags; 4. double-sided tape; 5. stapler (not shown); 6. candy in the color of your paintbrush; 7. hole punch (optional)


First you need to sort all your candy into the correct color groups. The inspiration site has 3 colors. We decided to do only 1 color mainly because red is the easiest color candy to find at this time of year. Plus, we wanted all the candy to be wrapped and “Covid-19” friendly, an again, ruby red comes in so many wrapped possibilities!


Fill all the bags with candy, leaving a bit of space at the top. You will notice, I also added some red heart confetti to the bags. Confetti can be such a mess but it is SOOOO FUN! I just added a pinch of confetti to give it a little sparkle.


Once the candy bags are ready, print off the artwork. You can use their lovely and professional printables here or I will add a .jpg of my sloppy-but-I-got-3-pieces-on-1-sheet-of-paper-to-not-waste-paper printables at the bottom of this post! 😉 Just save the image to your desktop and print.


Once all the paper paintbrushes are cut out, I scored and folded teach paint brush wrap before the next step.


Next, align the top of the candy bag with the top of the back flap of the paint brush wrap and staple the bag to the cardstock.


The Lars site recommended hot gluing the pieces together. I found it simple to put a piece of double-sided tape on the small flap and press the top flap down to adhere to the paper and the plastic bag.


Once the paper part of the valentine is stapled and tape to the candy bag, your paintbrush valentines are ready to be distributed to all your fabulous friends!

OH! One last detail that I did not photograph is at the end of the paintbrush handle, I punched a hole using a hole punch. You know! To make it look authentic like you could hang it up on your tool bench peg wall!


Hope this inspired you to do something creative for your special someone, whether it’s a class of 27 kiddos, your favorite gal-pal or maybe your mate-for-life!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

xo, Melissa

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