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A Sophisticated Boys Bathroom

You want to see a transformation?! YES YES YES! Everybody loves a transformation and this one’s a GOOD ONE!

As much as we all loved this bathroom before (ummm…not reallyLOL) there were lots of other rooms my client wanted to remodel first, like their own master suite! But a tragic flood happened in their hall bathroom which leaked thru the walls to the first floor that spiraled a huge insurance claim and fixing the damage that was done became priority.


Even the cute accessories couldn’t help this poorly installed bathroom. Linoleum floors, tile counters, cabinets that were dinged and damaged…it was a terrible sight. Not to mention the damaged flooring that needed to be replaced IMMEDIATELY!


VOILA! How amazing is THIS?! We painted the old cabinets with a deep navy (SW Naval) which was our first and best decision for this room. Boys are so hard on things that are white. By painting these a deep blue, it elevates the room and for practicality, doesn’t show the dirt like the old white cabinets did.


The accessories came together so easily. The faucet is from (here) and has that classic Victorian spout and a single lever handle.


The Delta Silverton hardware is from none other than Home Depot (handle: here and knob: here) and keeps the overall aesthetic crisp and clean like a bathroom should be!


Can we take a moment and talk about these floors for a second?!!! I have been waiting to find the perfect home to put these oversized hex tiles by Modern Surfaces (here) in and this bathroom was the perfect place. It feels contemporary and clean. It adds texture as well as an elevated elegance to this previously kid bath to the sophisticated more mature boys bath.


And lastly: lighting. I found these coordinating fixtures at Shades of Light (here). Because we had the two opposite counters to illuminate yet they were different size walls, we had to find a light fixture that came in two different sizes. This Volta was the perfect clean, chrome, classic shaped multi-sconce light fixture for this space.

Overall, I am so happy how this turned out. And I am even more happy to the fact that my clients now have a beautiful space to brush those teeth, fix their hair for future dates, and do it all in a classy, beautiful setting.

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2 thoughts on “A Sophisticated Boys Bathroom

  1. WOW! Love this bathroom. Everything about it is perfect. The hexagon tiles are so current and so is the navy paint on the cabinets. Light fixtures–yes! Her boys must really feel grown up now with their bathroom that you designed. I also want to tell you that Hilary and Jennifer painted their master bathroom cabinets this past summer in a navy color which also looks fabulous. Makes me want to grab a paint brush! Always enjoy seeing your design projects!

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