Hi!  This is me, Melissa Manos with my beautiful family (minus a few pretty important people, like my husband :). But, you will learn about him and others in future posts, for sure!).  I grew up in San Jose, California, went to the University of Oregon for my BA in Fine Arts and have been doing graphic design work every since.  I currently take on jobs for repeat clients and friends, creating invitations, event and business collateral, and anything that needs a fine graphic eye.

When I am not creating for clients, I am volunteering at my kids’ school, co-leading the Art Literacy program, the yearbook committee and facilitating all the classroom art auction pieces for the last three years.   Secretly this is one of my favorite creative outlets: I get to work with the kids AND create art AND give back to our school and community all at the same time!  It’s pretty amazing.  Plus, it keeps me within eyes and ears reach of what my kids are doing at school.  These years that they are young are so fleeting.  I want to be around them and absorb it as much as possible.  (ok, so I kind of stalk them…a little…but it’s only for their own good.)

Buuuutttt…(there’s always a but)…recently, I have had friends asking me for other advice.  Design advice.  Not just graphic design advice but life advice.  Home design advice.  Color choice advice.  Furniture arrangement advice.  Bookshelf finessing advice.  Photo gallery wall advice.  It is not what I went to school for but it is something I naturally gravitate toward, and have a passion for.  So… along with our own home and life designing, I hope to show you what we ALL are about over here in the northwest!

Details to come!

Thanks for following!

xo, Melissa