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Summer Sippin’: Honey Peach Ice Tea

Since the beginning of summer, our family has been go-go-going nonstop with a house-boating trip to Lake Powell, Disney Cruise to the Bahamas followed by the Disney parks in Orlando, home for a blink to watch the season finale of Big Little Lies (Oh PLEASE tell me there will be another season!!!  I love all… Continue reading Summer Sippin’: Honey Peach Ice Tea

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Quick and Healthy After School Treat

I don't know about you but some days my body just does NOT feel good!!!  Hubbie's first question is, "Have you worked out?"  Ok, no.  I haven't.  I've been SLAVING OVER MY HOUSE AND SICK CHILDREN AND THEIR SCHEDULES AND NEEDS AND TOTALLY IGNORING MY OWN, OK?!!!!! I don't yell.  Only in type. 🙂  But… Continue reading Quick and Healthy After School Treat


Sundown Sipper, another yummy cocktail.

Hey hey hey!!!!  Everyone gearing up for Valentine's day?!  Oh you know you've been shopping for the perfect pink outfit, sampling chocolates to decide which to serve and sipping on some tasty bubbly all month month long! 🙂 I have done NOTHING!  Ok, maybe I bought some cards for my kids and hubby but that… Continue reading Sundown Sipper, another yummy cocktail.