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The Duvet Struggle is OVER!

This blog is to share all my new discoveries!  'Cuz, when I find a new trick or recipe that I LOVE, I want to share it with the WORLD!  With YOU!!!!  Over winter break, we spent some time at our place in Sunriver.  Besides playing in the snow, skiing a day or two, there was… Continue reading The Duvet Struggle is OVER!


Flop to POP: A Wreath Miracle

Have you ever had a vision in your head and then when you executed, it just didn't work?  It happens ALL-THE-TIME, RIGHT?!  What's even worse is when it happens with a client. (yeiks!)  Here's what happened... The Job A few weeks ago a client of mine had me decorate her 12' tree.  She had boxes… Continue reading Flop to POP: A Wreath Miracle


It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!

It's Saturday night, before Thanksgiving and we are home.  The day was filled with shopping at the Plunky Maidens Christmas Marketplace, lots of odds and ends errand running and de-cluttering of the house.  As the craziness subsides, I decided to shake up a cocktail for my husband and I before dinner. This week, I had… Continue reading It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!