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Homemade Ornament

Did you see my instagram post last week? It was PARTY WEEK at the elementary school and we decided to do a Candyland theme, including an oversized Candyland game I created for the 3rd graders. It was such a hit! Well, this little project is what sparked the idea! To continue with the Candyland theme,… Continue reading Homemade Ornament


It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!

It's Saturday night, before Thanksgiving and we are home.  The day was filled with shopping at the Plunky Maidens Christmas Marketplace, lots of odds and ends errand running and de-cluttering of the house.  As the craziness subsides, I decided to shake up a cocktail for my husband and I before dinner. This week, I had… Continue reading It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!