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Bookshelf Styling

Many years ago, even before I got married, I was part of a book club.  Oprah started her book club in 1996 and everyone was joining along.  It was a wonderful reason to get together with other intelligent women, sipping wine and analyzing the story we had all experienced that month.  Some were fantastic reads… Continue reading Bookshelf Styling

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The Behind the Scenes Secrets of 2019 Auction Art

I have been doing auction art for about 5 years now.  What is auction art, you ask?  Every year our elementary school has an auction to raise money for the school.  One big component of that is making art with the students and then selling it at the auction! I love it! Why do I… Continue reading The Behind the Scenes Secrets of 2019 Auction Art


An Egg-cellent Easter Activity

YAY! It's spring break!  And what do the Manos' do on spring break?  Chill out and get ready for Easter, of course!! 🙂 After seeing Hamilton (YES!  WE GOT TICKETS!!!), we headed to our Sunriver home Sunday morning.  Whenever we come to Sunriver, we have lots of together time: walking to the village, having hot… Continue reading An Egg-cellent Easter Activity