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Healthy Griddle Cakes with Berry Compote

Hi friend!  How have you been doing?  Any visits to the farmer's Market lately?  Our local market opened up last month and I have been 2 weeks in a row!  First, I needed to grab a bouquet of peonies before they are no longer in season and second for peonies AGAIN but this time I… Continue reading Healthy Griddle Cakes with Berry Compote

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Meal Planning During Quarantine

I don't know about you but cooking cooking cooking has got me tired tired tired and totally lacking creativity in the the food department.  Every day, the same ol' routine. Am I alone?  No, I don't think so!  We are all going thru this together!  We are all trying to chug through our days, getting… Continue reading Meal Planning During Quarantine


Getting healthy starts with breakfast!

Anyone on the heath-kick new year?!!!  Me too!  Well not totally.  I always see January 1 as a way to start FRESH!  No mom, I am not doing the Whole Life Challenge again. (She said she’d disown me if I did it again!  Not really…but she said when I was participating in the WLC, “...that’s… Continue reading Getting healthy starts with breakfast!