An Egg-cellent Easter Activity

YAY! It's spring break!  And what do the Manos' do on spring break?  Chill out and get ready for Easter, of course!! 🙂 After seeing Hamilton (YES!  WE GOT TICKETS!!!), we headed to our Sunriver home Sunday morning.  Whenever we come to Sunriver, we have lots of together time: walking to the village, having hot… Continue reading An Egg-cellent Easter Activity

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Turkey Traditions

Thanksgiving is almost here.  Can you believe it?!  Turkey, stuffing, gravy.  Relatives, friends, black Friday.  Do y'all have big plans and traditions to recreate? Two years ago, we started a new tradition, and tried out a new location for our turkey dinner: Sunriver, OR.   It's kind of an "in-between" destination for all the relatives. My… Continue reading Turkey Traditions