It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!

It's Saturday night, before Thanksgiving and we are home.  The day was filled with shopping at the Plunky Maidens Christmas Marketplace, lots of odds and ends errand running and de-cluttering of the house.  As the craziness subsides, I decided to shake up a cocktail for my husband and I before dinner. This week, I had… Continue reading It’s Cranberry Jammy Cocktail Time!


Manos Turkey-day Cocktail

Cheers and Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!  Well, it wouldn't be a celebration with out a Manos signature cocktail. 🙂  With much research (Thank you Pinterest!), I purchased ingredients for two options and settled on this little concoction, a Mixed Berry Sangria.  Inspired by this Black Sangria which fulfilled all my requirements: 1. it could be… Continue reading Manos Turkey-day Cocktail

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Turkey Traditions

Thanksgiving is almost here.  Can you believe it?!  Turkey, stuffing, gravy.  Relatives, friends, black Friday.  Do y'all have big plans and traditions to recreate? Two years ago, we started a new tradition, and tried out a new location for our turkey dinner: Sunriver, OR.   It's kind of an "in-between" destination for all the relatives. My… Continue reading Turkey Traditions