Check it off your list!

Thanksgiving is done and whether we are ready or not, the holiday season is here!!!  I love it.  I really do.  All the fun traditions bringing you closer to your family and friends.  It’s a time to rejoice, a time to be thankful (wait!  didn’t we just do that?! teeehee!), and a time to appreciate all the good in our lives.

It’s all so fun but it can also be overwhelming.  So let’s check one item off our to-do list: HOLIDAY CARDS!  Now till the end of day Sunday, 11/26, you can get 40% off holiday cards (and more!) at my favorite online photo site, Shutterfly/Tiny Prints.  The coolest thing of all, is you can upload a family photo and the site will place it into ALL the card designs for you so you can preview what it will look like!  How amazing is that?

Here are a few of my favorites:

Screenshot (107)

  1. The Classic Design.  That’s just it…classic.  This design will go with any photo and bonus: it has a splash of gold.  Who doesn’t love a little shine during the holidays?!

Screenshot (108)

2. The Cheerful Design.  In our photo, we did have lots of color and this design brings all of them together: red from the clothing, the different greens from the leaves, and gold from the basket.  It just works perfectly.

Screenshot (109)

3. The Current Trend Design. Flowers are SO HOT right now!  And the fact that these poinsettia are water-colored brings a natural element, a human element to the design with I am always a fan of.  Plus, did you notice?  It’s a square which will really make your card stand out in the pile 🙂

Screenshot (110)

4. The I-Have-Crazy-Colors-In-My-Photo-And-I-Want-Something-Simple Design: In our photo-shoot, we did have quite a few colors going on.  When choosing your photo from your family vacation or wherever you may have actually been lucky enough to have gotten a family photo 🙂 , I guarantee there are some crazy color combos going on.  Because really, what family coordinates for a day at Disneyland?! (ok, maybe there are a few…)  Take that photo, change it to a black and white in the program and BOOM!  You now have a classic, beautiful family card to stick in your shopping cart and order TODAY!

One last detail: stamps!  You can grab a pack on your next trip to Costco which is soooo convenient!  OR head to usps.com and order some unique holiday designs.  This year, I just couldn’t resist the Christmas Carol design.  There are 4 different designs in this one pack based on traditional Christmas carols.  Just seeing them makes me want to sing a little jingle.

So check it off our list and order today! 🙂

xo, Melissa

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