An Egg-cellent Easter Activity

YAY! It's spring break!  And what do the Manos' do on spring break?  Chill out and get ready for Easter, of course!! 🙂 After seeing Hamilton (YES!  WE GOT TICKETS!!!), we headed to our Sunriver home Sunday morning.  Whenever we come to Sunriver, we have lots of together time: walking to the village, having hot… Continue reading An Egg-cellent Easter Activity


TGIF: Green Cucumber

Well it's almost St. Patties Day!!!!  Time to pull out all the green in your closet!!!!  I love green but I don't tend to purchase things that are green.  In grade school if I (heaven forbid) forgot to wear green on March 17th, I could always use the excuse that I have GREEN EYES (so… Continue reading TGIF: Green Cucumber