TGIF: Green Cucumber

Well it’s almost St. Patties Day!!!!  Time to pull out all the green in your closet!!!!  I love green but I don’t tend to purchase things that are green.  In grade school if I (heaven forbid) forgot to wear green on March 17th, I could always use the excuse that I have GREEN EYES (so don’t even try to pinch me) ! 🙂

In honor of our lovely Irish holiday coming up next weekend, I thought I’d mix up a new little green drink I like to call the Green Cucumber.  It’s cool, refreshing and has one of  my favorite liquors in it: St. Germain!  I LOOOOOVE anything with St. G in it.  I think you will too!

FullSizeRender (11)

bubbly grape

Doesn’t that sound delightful?!!!!  Try it!  Your Irish eyes will be smiling too! 😉

Tgif, y’all!!!!

xo, Melissa


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