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Flower Refresh!

Now, if you follow my Instagram you know I LOOOOVE flowers!  Do you ever buy flowers, make an arrangement and some flowers DIE earlier than others? (Um…I’m talking about you, Mr. Hydrangea!  I even tried this trick here with not much success. 😦 )

Exhibit A: Flowers starting to wilt

*those white tulips literally fell apart once I pulled them out of the arrangement! And those garden roses were so wilted and sad.  The picture doesn’t do them justice to how pitiful they really were.


A week before Easter, my girlfriend was having a birthday celebration at her house. And of course her husband said NO GIFTS!  So…in lieu of a gift, I thought I’d offer to whip up a few flower arrangements for the party (like I did here)! :).  You know how I love to bring a little cheer and a lot of life to a space! 🙂

I have my own flower market pass but my wonderful girlfriend Tania, from The Bend Flower Company, was going there already and offered to bring me an assortment of white and pink flowers. She’s the BEST! (Thank you, T!)

Fortunately, the flower arrangements turned out great!

Unfortunately, the birthday girl was leaving 2 days after her party for a week long vacation.

Fortunately, she brought the arrangements to my house so I could enjoy them for Easter.

Unfortunately, by the next week, some of the flowers like the tulips and some of the hydrangeas were wilting.

Fortunately, my Camellia bush is in FULL BLOOM and was the perfect bright pink to match the other pinks in the arrangement.

Exhibit B: Fresh branches from the yard


Unfortunately…well there aren’t any more unfortunatelies, because the arrangements came together so nicely and decorated my home and my Easter table perfectly!

Exhibit C: The finished project


Happy belated birthday, Kirsten!  I love that you loved the flowers!  I also LOVE that they got a second life with just a few branches from my yard! Win Win!

I hope y’all had a wonderful Easter!

xo, Melis

6 thoughts on “Flower Refresh!

  1. The finished flowers look so beautiful! You did a lovely job, and that’s such a great non-gift gift 😉 to do for your friend.

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