Homemade Gift Idea


So my mother would say I worry about my health too much.  I do, and then I don’t.  Actually, I think she would say I am pretty balanced.  For example.  Today in my Art Literacy meeting, I brought my team a little holiday gift of homemade granola.


The night before, I had whipped up a batch of my favorite granola recipe from my girl, Ina.  It’s so easy. Or as Ina would say, “How easy is that?!” (I just love her! I’ll share the recipe in a sec!)  Once it was cooled, I packaged it in these adorable Ball mason jars I found at our local grocery store, stuck a tag on it and BAM!  I had me a healthy gift to give my friends.


How am I balanced? you ask.  Well…to counter-balance the “healthy” granola, to the meeting, I also brought my latest trial dessert from the adorable Michael at Inspired By Charm.  Oh that peanut butter filling is to DIE FOR!  My friend, Maureen had another suggestion that I might try in the new year and call it the “Sister Tart” to Michael’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Tarts.  Stay tuned! 🙂


So see… life is all about balance.  Start your day right with a healthy bowl of Melissa’s homemade granola and finish your day with her latest dessert sampling! (and maybe fit in a yoga class in-between) 🙂

Here’s to being balanced!

xo, Melissa

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