Thank You Gift

Thank you’s are important.  You can’t say thank you enough and the written thank you is a life skill that I am hoping to pass down with my children and hope they will continue to do so with their children.  Our world is filled with so much technology that takes us away from these intimate traditions.  As a traditionalist, I hope to adapt with the world around me but to keep those treasured traditions that make us a sensitive, kind human beings.

I have been blessed with some very helpful and giving people in my life this past month.  These people have helped me be successful in my every day endeavours.  To thank them, I made two of my favorite cookies and delivered them spontaneously to them at work.



First was Lisa at  Chrisman’s Frame Shop on Cornell Road in Portland, OR.  She has helped me with so many framing jobs.  Remember the post about auction art?  Well, she helped me with all those pieces this year!  There were 4 pieces total and here is how they turned out:

The Umbrellas

The Birds


All three custom frames were donated and finished on time to display them for our student body before they went up for auction last weekend.

The 5th Grade Mosaic

She also framed the 5th grade piece with a vintage frame I found that was perfect for the Portland marquee photograph.


No matter how big or small, Lisa has made my vision happen to perfection.


I also thanked my printer, Ken Cuddeford at Impact printing.  I always have the most random requests (Can you print 700 India Elephants in BW by NEXT WEEK, or, I need this paper cut down to 2×3′ pieces).  I half expect him to roll his eyes when I walk in the door! But every-time, I am greeted with a smile and a “No problem”.  I am so grateful for Ken and his staff and all they make happen for me.


Shelli at Office Depot’s Print & Copy department on Cedar Hills Blvd also helps me accomplish some crazy requests: over-sized prints, large photo prints, party print-outs, and this past month a quick Mother’s Day card for my realtor as well as the 5th Grade Auction Poster.  Shelli and her staff are quick, knowledgeable and able to get most requests completed with the snap of a finger.

People In Your Community

The last gift box went to our PTO president, Ashish Gupta.  I, unfortunately, was out of town for the assembly but our Art Literacy Team put together an “India Week” for our school.  Our whole student body studied the art of India in the Feb/March month and then ended the learning with an “Tribute to India” assembly, featuring dancers from the community, instruments being played, a fashion show, and a “Trivia of India” game where kids earned prizes imported from India.   Not only did Ashish bring back the authentic prizes for the game from his travels over the holidays, but he was the MC for the assembly, dressed in “traditional India wedding day” attire topped with a beautiful turban.  I was so sad to miss the event, but I saw pictures and heard amazing stories of the day. I am so very thankful for Ashish putting himself out there and helping me and our Art Literacy team put on the BEST assembly possible for our school.

Secret Family Recipes

“What’s in the box?” you ask?! 🙂  The kids and I mixed together two different cookies from our family recipe book: Chocolate Crinkles & Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies. One is rich and classic and the other is filled with chunky goodness.  Both are simply delish!

chocolate crinkles

recipe card template

Make up a batch of your favorite cookies and give them to someone who makes your life a little easier!

xo, Melissa

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