Last Minute Valentine Idea

Do you make your own Valentine’s Day cards?  I think we have always made our own.  It’s fun.  My kids, especially now, love to cruise thru Pinterest looking for fun creative ideas.  Of course, my oldest insists on giving away candy.  My youngest still loves something to play with like a ball or origami fish or, as in this year, he is gifting a maze game to all his classmates.

The one I am sharing with you today my sister actually came up with for her son. It is SOOO CUTE!!! (no pun intended!).  Her son turned 1 last year and is at a cute little daycare during the week. But of COURSE he has to give valentines to all his classmates and bff’s!!!  BUT!  He has a tough decision to make.  Seeing that he just learned to walk and graduated to the toddler room this week, he will have to decide: does he give his Valentine’s Day cards to his baby buddies or to his new walking buddies?! 🙂  Oh Brenden, just give them to everyone!!!  (Have fun sis, putting all those together!) 🙂

Cutie Cards


What you will need for these valentines:

First, print the cards.

Second, cut the cards out and punch a whole at the end.


Third: Cut the twine to 18″.


Fourth: thread twine thru hole.


Fifth: match up the ends of the twine so that both sides are even.


Sixth: take both ends together and tie a knot at the base of the tag.

Seventh: place cutie in bag and tie the twine around the bag in a knot at the top of the cutie, leaving the tag to hang off the right side of the knot.

FullSizeRender (11)

Eighth: tie a bow.

FullSizeRender (12)

Repeat until you have made one for all of your “cutie” friends! 🙂


Don’t you just love them?  I thought they were pretty adorable.

Another Idea: My Son’s Cards


Here’s the A-MAZE-ING idea my son came up with and is giving to all his friends.  We purchased the mazes off Amazon (Prime–2 day ship, baby!). They came with valentine cards but we wanted to “make them our own” and add the “maze” pun to tie the whole thing togethert! 😉  I printed off these cards: amazing_valentines_2018_6up_ol  trimmed them, used glue dots to adhere the maze to the card and Voila!  Done!

Last Example: My Daughter’s Cards


My daughter’s cards are another story. (Roll of the eyes) She is still working on hers.  Though totally adorable (who doesn’t love mice?!!!) but oh, they are soooo labor intensive!!!!  I would highly recommend only sharing this idea with the most ambitious of children.  Maybe even 12 and older!  Custom card, custom cut ears, hand trimmed and knot-tied tail, double-sided tape to keep the kisses together PLUS a glue dot to hold the kisses together, glued on googlie eyes and the whole thing is hot glued to the custom card. (Anyone exhausted yet?!!!)  What were we thinking???!!!!  I have a feeling this mommy will be gluing on googlie eyes at the 11th hour on Tuesday night.  Oiy vey!  What we do for our children!!! (Note: I didnt share the graphics but if you would like them, send me a note and I’d be happy to share them!)

I hope you made or picked out some CUTE and A-MAZE-ING valentines to give to your besties this Valentine’s Day!

xo, Melissa


7 thoughts on “Last Minute Valentine Idea

  1. So fun! I have always made my kids’ Valentines with them (I used to design printables when I worked more as a graphic designer) – until this year! My son’s in middle school and there are no Valentine’s happening there, and my daughter wanted easy, sugar-y store bought ones this year. But these ones are super cute and make me miss the days when they were little!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Middle school!!! I just visited the middle school my daughter will go to next year. *sign* It truly is a whole new world. Oh I hope she still wants to do SOMETHING for her special friends! Oh Marlynn, say the days aren’t over for being creative with my baby girl!!!


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